Are standard sizes available?

As a rule, we manufacture our cases individually and exactly according to our customers' specifications. In addition to the individually manufactured cases, we have a small standard range, which can also be obtained from the online shop.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

We produce in batches of 5 units and above. Goods in stock from the standard range can be obtained from 1 unit.

What are the differences between the individual case models?

The cases differ visually with regards to the surface, the profile and the corners. They also differ when it comes to their load bearing capacity and the empty weight. The exact descriptions and differences can also be seen on the product pages.

How long is the warranty on the cases?

Goods purchased from our online shop are subject to the legal warranty regulations. No warranty claims exist for custom-made cases.

Where are the cases produced?

The case models Alu Design, Alu Light, Alu Robust, Alu Framecase Plus, Vario Case, Cargo Air and the Alu Cube showcase range are produced at the Birkenfeld site with "Made in Germany" quality. The Alu Solid, Travel Line and Shell Case ranges are produced in Asia.

What is the empty weight of a case?

The empty weight varies depending on the model and size of the case. Please ask for this information directly in your request.

What weight can the cases hold?

This depends on the model of case. Please ask for this information directly in your request.

Are the cases suitable for planes?

All of the cases are suitable for travelling. Some models can also be used as hand luggage.

Are the cases waterproof/splashproof?

Due to their surface finishing the cases are splashproof.

What does custom-made mean?

Custom-made means that the cases are produced according to your individual specifications and dimensions. In addition to the custom-made cases you can also find a wide range of standard products in our online shop, which are already in stock and available for delivery.

What delivery times can be expected?

For goods in stock the delivery period is a few working days, while if the goods are not in stock the delivery time can be 6 weeks, depending on the available capacity.

Are there other outer colours available than those mentioned in the catalogue/on the website?

Yes. Simply ask us for the colour you desire.

Can the cases be printed with RAL colours?


What are the smallest and largest possible dimensions for production?

This depends on the model of case. Please ask for this information directly in your request.

Is it possible to print a logo on the outside of the cases?

Yes, the surface of the case can be fully digitally printed.

What processes are used to produce the case inserts?

We produce our case inserts, depending on the type, with the help of water jetting or laser cutting.

What information do we need to make an offer?

To make an offer we require the following: the model of case, dimensions, quantity, features: insert(s), the dimensions of any recesses, printed logos or designs, special accessories (trolley, brochure compartments etc.)