Machine Case & Demo Case

Dunkermotoren GmbH is based in the Black Forest and has been developing and producing precision drives for about 50 years. Among other things, the drive manufacturer develops and produces brushless DC servomotors, brushed DC motors and, in addition to the motors, has a comprehensive range of gears as well as brakes and encoder systems.

For transporting a motor and its demonstration, a black Alu Light aluminium case was chosen as a demo case. The engine itself was mounted on a gray poly-plate, which is mounted in the case. The built-in trolley enables a safe and comfortable transport. The exterior of the case was printed over the entire surface.

  • dunkermotoren-machine-cases-transport-cases-1.jpg
  • dunkermotoren-machine-cases-transport-cases-3.jpg
  • dunkermotoren-machine-cases-transport-cases-2.jpg

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