Electronic cases for Pilz GmbH

In the middle of the year 2012 the company Pilz asked Faisst for a presentation case with integrated electronical parts for the use in field.

After a few appointments with Pilz, the requirements and the equipment of the case were defined.  As soon as the pattern of the case was approved the serial production started. Electronic components in the case were installed and connected according to their circuit diagrams.

The case is intended for the presentation and demonstration of the electrical components. The customer was supposed to immediately understand the individual functions of the control system. Furthermore the functions of the electronic case are easy to handle and the direct personalization of the access rights for the control system was another advantage.

From now on the case is used for the global field staff of Pilz GmbH & Co. KG as a demonstration case for the configurable safety switching devices PNOZmulti Mini.

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