Digital Printing

Until now printing images and corporate logos of high quality has only been possible with the help of the conventional screen printing method which was always associated with a great effort. Moreover, at batch size 1 the prints were practically unaffordable. But this situation changed. Using the latest digital printing machinery, even one-off prints of visual motives and corporate symbols are no big effort and they are always of best quality. There are no restrictions in size -  from stamp size up to poster size - everything is possible.

Long ago Faisst recognized that this high-tech-printing process is perfect to print on high-quality industrial cases. So Faisst is one of the few case producers – and the only industrial case producer – who is able to print digitally on the whole surface of its cases. Therefore, in 2012, three new digital printing machines were purchased to support the graphical design of each case perfectly.

Consequently for customers of Faisst a new era in the branch of industrial cases has begun. Now the proprietary CI can be realized in highest quality – from the company color and logo up to eye-catching visual motives. This means, not only the content of the case but also the case itself provides the crucial positive impression for long-term commercial success.

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