Thank you for 60 years of trust

60 Jahre Faisst Jubiläum

Since 1963 we have been active in the world of suitcase manufacturing with passion, commitment and innovation. We are very proud and happy about this and are celebrating our 60th company anniversary this year. We would like to thank all of our customers, employees and partners who have accompanied us on this incredible journey. Without your support and loyalty we wouldn't be at this point today. Faisst cases have now established themselves on the market. We continue to work diligently on our visions and the constant improvement of our product range.

The first company building

Exhibition booth

Award for good product design

Production of the first series



Founding of the company Karl Faisst, Fabrik für Spezialkoffer, in Altensteig-Spielberg, the hometown of Karl Faisst.


The first phase of construction is completed in Altensteig-Spielberg.


Expansion of the existing production facility as the company begins to grow.


Faisst attends the Interzum trade fair in Cologne as an exhibitor for the first time.


At the Hannover trade fair, Faisst presents special cases at an international trade fair for the first time.


Development and presentation of the first aluminium case by Faisst.


The next phase of construction – expansion of the production facilities and a new administrative building.


Following his education and military service, the son Thomas Faisst joins the company.


Following his education and military service, the son Michael Faisst joins the company.


New construction of a warehouse and founding of Faisst GmbH, Fabrik für Spezialkoffer. Karl Faisst, Thomas Faisst and Michael Faisst hold equal shares as managers and shareholders.


New development and production launch of ISD plastic and thermoformed trays for tray cases.


The existing production facilities are expanded again as demand continues to increase. Company founder Karl Faisst is awarded the Federal Cross of Merit.


As Karl Faisst enters his well deserved retirement, Michael and Thomas Faisst manage the company on their own.


The company relocates to Birkenfeld for a fresh start as a member of the Kling Group.


Aluminium design case goes to market.


Faisst celebrates its 50-year company anniversary.


Alu Light case goes to market.


Faisst celebrates 8-year integration in the Kling Group and 55th anniversary.


Alu Robust, Alu Solid and Cargo Air cases go to market.


Alu Briefcase goes to market.


Introduction of the Wave surface.


Alu Cube goes to market.


Alu Framecase, Vario Case, Air Line, Travel Line and X-press boxes go to market.


Company founder Karl Faisst dies after a long illness at the age of 83 years.


Smart Case goes to market.


Softshell-Bag goes to market


Company anniversary 60 years of Faisst suitcases

The Faisst brand through the ages

Visionary into the future

In earlier times, transporting valuable goods was a responsible and difficult task for traveling salesmen. Especially in the Black Forest, there were numerous narrow paths and difficult passages that could only be overcome on foot and with great effort. But the residents of this area have always been practical tinkerers and developed special carrying frames to safely protect their trading goods and to present the goods in a representative manner at markets and exchanges.

With increasing mobility, traveling salesmen were soon able to travel faster and more safely and a new need for protective and representative packaging for valuable products developed. This demand prompted the Black Forest craftsman Karl Faisst to begin developing and producing professional transport cases 60 years ago. In 1963, in the small town of Altensteig in the northern Black Forest, the first Faisst case left the new workshops and began its triumphal march in Germany and neighboring countries such as Austria and Switzerland.

This spirit of innovation is still alive at Faisst today. Even if modern machinery supports the production of high-quality suitcases, it is still the people who develop and manufacture each suitcase according to the individual needs of the goods to be transported. For six decades we have been using our passion, creativity and know-how to produce customized suitcases for companies. And it has been a journey marked by innovation, commitment and constant pursuit of excellence.

When we began our journey 60 years ago, our vision was simple: We wanted to help companies safely transport their products around the world and showcase the products perfectly by developing cases that are perfectly tailored to their needs. Today we can proudly say that we have not only realized this vision, but that it has remained the heart of our company. Faisst cases have now established themselves on the market and the customer base is growing. Thank you for your trust as a customer over the years!