Flight Cases

Transport cases or so-called flight cases must satisfy many requirements. But the most important thing is that the contents always reach their destination safely. The cargo air series flight cases will not disappoint you! They have a particularly stable and robust design and mainly offer a safe transport option.

The special feature of the Faisst flight cases is their relatively low weight - 25% lighter than classic flight cases. The cargo cases are also extremely stable and robust thanks to the innovative design of the Faisst flight cases. The high-quality materials that are used at Faisst contribute to a large extent to the robustness and stability of the flight cases.

flight cases

Faisst Cargo Air flight cases

The patented Cargo Air flight cases from Faisst offer one key advantage over classic flight cases: thanks to the materials used in the Faisst flight cases, the Cargo cases are significantly lighter yet of the same quality.  In terms of figures, this means that they weigh 25% less than similar products from other flight case manufacturers. Another advantage of Faisst is the custom-made production: in addition to the standard dimensions, Faisst also offers custom-made flight cases (and virtually all the other products too) – tailored to your specifications and requirements!

Flightcase for Magna

Flight case with integrated trolley

Flight cases from Faisst - Features

The Faisst flight cases offer lots of helpful and useful features which are either integrated or built into the Cargo cases or can be acquired as an additional extra. The flight cases are characterised by their stable and high quality butterfly locks, recessed fold-down handles for easier transport and stackable corners. In addition to these features, branding of the flight case is also recommended using a digital print of your company logo on the outside of the case. All-over printing of the flight case is also not a problem with Faisst – simply get in touch!

Flight case with tailor-made foam insert for Schelling


Flight case with fitting foam insert for Flextos

Cargo Air flightcases - References

We are absolutely convinced that our flight cases are among the best in Germany. Many companies value the fact that our products are manufactured in Germany. Our flight case customers include Schelling, Flextos, Siemens, SEW and automotive supplier Magna. Faisst – the flight case manufacturer, produced in Germany in Birkenfeld, near Pforzheim.

Flightcase made for Häfele in Nagold

Flightcases with integrated drawers

Flightcases with industry wheels

Flightcases made for Siemens

Flightcase made for DHS

Flightcases in special yellow colour

Flightcases with removable trays

Flightcases made for Atorn