Aluminium etui "Alu Briefcase"

The lighter version of aluminium presentation etuis is particularly well suited for small parts and highly sensitive products. They also score points with their handy size since they can be stowed anywhere quickly: in the travelling bag, aluminium case or collection case. These are crucial arguments for travelling in particular, helping the traveller get from one appointment to the next in comfort.

The alu briefcases are available in many different sizes and can be equipped with a custom foam insert. This guarantees that your products stay firmly in their place and leave a perfect impression when you present them to your customers. We measure your products precisely and fabricate the insert using the most cost-effective production method.


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Product Details

14 standard sizes available from 10 items per size.


Individual sizes from 25 items on request!

Standard sizes

Interior Measurements (Length x Width x Height)

Case heights

robust frame construction, available in two heights: 25 and 45 mm

Height 25 mm

CFV-1B25    240x145x25 mm
CFV-2B25    280x200x25 mm
CFV-3B25    320x230x25 mm
CFV-4B25    355x255x25 mm
CFV-5B25    395x290x25 mm
CFV-6B25    440x330x25 mm
CFV-7B25    500x400x25 mm
Height 45 mm

CFV-1B45    240x145x45 mm
CFV-2B45    280x200x45 mm
CFV-3B45    320x230x45 mm
CFV-4B45    355x255x45 mm
CFV-5B45    395x290x45 mm
CFV-6B45    440x330x45 mm
CFV-7B45    500x400x45 mm


Please notice:

We produce our alu briefcase series in Germany. The standard sizes are available from 10 items. Individual sizes are available from 25 items on request!

Corners and Profiles

More Details

Silver-Grey or black locks and profiles

Special case handles optional

Individual branding with digital print

Transparent acrylic glass lid