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Alu Cube

The time has come for a new kind of furniture for your product presentation. At trade fairs, events, in the retail and customer space - do not miss the opportunity to show off your high-quality articles in an appealing atmosphere. With our new showcases and sales counters of the alu cube series, you can set up your show-room in next to no time.

The dimensions of the showcases and sales counters are optimally matched so that all parts fit together. The contemporary design, optimal illumination, the safe storage of your products at attractive pricing complete the entire package. Customised showcases are also available on request.


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Product Details

The showcases of our brandnew series "Alu Cube" are equipped with high quality built-in-locks. You can choose between three different surface colours. Optional features are e.g.: LED-Illumination, safety glass or customised cases for the transportation.


Exterior Measurements (Length x Width x Height Plinth + Height Top)
alu cube - standing showcase

24530-5  900x450x1910 mm

alu cube showcase pillar
24530-2  450x450x1910 mm
alu cube showcase pillar with plinth
24530-3  450x450x860+1050 mm
alu cube hanging showcase
24530-7  900x250x800 mm
alu cube glasscounter with sliding doors

24530-6  900x450x860+200 mm

alu cube plinth
24530-4  450x450x860 mm
alu cube showcase pillar divisible
24530-1  360x360x860+860 mm
alu cube transport case for divisible showcase pillar
24530V1  900x450x1000 mm

Corners and Profiles

99200 Alu Design - black case corner
99120 Alu Design - metallic silver corner
99200 Alu Design - black profile

99120 Alu Design - natural aluminium profile