Special Cases & Aluminium Cases

Stewa Touristik is one of the leading coach tour operators and with its 25 bistro buses it owns the largest bistro bus fleet in Germany. Stewa Touristik is now run by the third generation as a family business.

The alu cases for Stewa were chosen from the Alu Light case series. The alu cases are used to transport and store microphone systems for the buses. An even more comfortable transport is provided by the trolley on which the special case can be easily put on. The logo print on the outside of the case as well as on the case insert was made by digital printing.

  • alu-light-special-cases-Stewa-2.jpg
  • alu-light-special-cases-Stewa-3.jpg
  • alu-light-special-cases-Stewa-1.jpg
  • alu-light-special-cases-Stewa-4.jpg

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