Transport Case

Regumed Regulative Medizintechnik GmbH is based in Planegg in Upper Bavaria and is active in the field of medical technology. Currently around 60 employees work in the company. Regumed's more than 17,000 Bicom devices are represented in over 90 countries.

For the device Bicom Optima Mobil, a silver Alu Design pilot case has been selected. An additional carrying strap was added to the case for a more comfortable transport. In addition, the transport is significantly simplified by the attached trolley. The interior of the case was lined with felt, which makes it impossible to scratch the product inside the case. The logo printing on the outside of the case was made in digital printing.

  • bicom-optima-transport-cases-1.jpg
  • bicom-optima-transport-cases-2.jpg
  • bicom-optima-transport-cases-3.jpg
  • bicom-optima-transport-cases-4.jpg
  • bicom-optima-transport-cases-5.jpg

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