Aluminium Etuis

Farco is considered the German market and competence leader for medical gels. In urology as well as in specialist areas such as gynecology, proctology, gastroenterology and anesthesiology, the products ensure the care of many thousands of patients.

The alu cases produced for Farco from the Alu Framecase series are used for the transport and presentation of syringes. Thanks to the individual foam insert, the syringes in the case can not slip. The case was produced with white "Reef" case surface and silver profiles.

  • alu-framecase-presentation-box-Farco-1.jpg
  • alu-framecase-presentation-box-Farco-2.jpg
  • alu-framecase-presentation-box-Farco-4.jpg
  • alu-framecase-presentation-box-Farco-3.jpg

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