Altenweddinger Geflügelhof

Presentation Case & Transport Case

Altenweddinger Geflügelhof Braune is located in Sachsen Anhalt and, in first place, operates in the agriculture sector. For presenting and transporting its egg liquor, Braune was looking for an optically and functionally perfect solution.

The aluminium cases of the Alu Design series seemed to be the best fitting solution. For a more comfortable transportation of the goods a trolley was integrated in the case. The removable foam inserts ensure a safe transportation of the liquor bottles. On the exterior of the black case the golden colored logo was printed which causes a very precious optic.

  • altenweddinger-alu-cases-1.jpg
  • altenweddinger-alu-cases-2.jpg
  • altenweddinger-alu-cases-3.jpg

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