Presentation cases & Transportation cases

The Aereco Group is headquartered in Marne la Vallée, France, near Paris and operates in the field of ventilation technology.

The aluminum cases from the Alu Solid case series are produced for the German site Hofheim-Wallau. They are used for the transport and presentation of a ventilation system. Thanks to the precisely fitting foam insert, the product in the case can not slip on one side, but the two recesses on the other side make it easy to remove it from the case. The logo print on the outside of the transport case was made using the digital printing process.

  • alu-solid-aereco-aluminium-case-lack-surface-5.jpg
  • alu-solid-aereco-aluminium-case-lack-surface-1.jpg
  • alu-solid-aereco-aluminium-case-lack-surface-3.jpg
  • alu-solid-aereco-aluminium-case-lack-surface-2.jpg
  • alu-solid-aereco-aluminium-case-lack-surface-4.jpg

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