Demonstration cases for solar panels

The company Bosch contacted Faisst GmbH having the idea of using a mobile solar panel for demonstration and sales promotion. The case for Bosch was supposed to help especially the field service venders in the solar sector to transport and represent the solar panels including its accessories. Therefore, Faisst created a case customized especially for the needs of Bosch.

 The case consists of two hard foam pads. In the first layer, there are placed components of the crystalline solar module, for example the ingot top, sand, silicon, a monocrystalline wafer and the monocrystalline solar cell. In the second layer, there is placed the solar module as a whole.

The separation helps the vender to present not only the individual components of the solar module but also to illustrate the function of the whole solar module easily.

 Innovative ideas ask for innovative solutions – that’s why the cooperation with Bosch lead to a completely successful result for both parties and to a great business relationship.

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