Quality - individuality and longevity

Attention to detail
At Faisst, we have always valued meaningful and long-term relationships with our customers and this is reflected in the company’s spirit Individual Faisst cases are the result of discussing, listening, advising and fulfilling all the needs of a perfectly functioning product. This development process has to grow and evolve and takes into account all the details that are important to create a valuable product for the customer in everyday life. For our products, we select in advance the best materials and components from world-wide suppliers whom we have been working with for many years. Our experienced production staff knows how to perfectly combine craftsmanship with modern production technology. This guarantees consistent quality and high functionality for years.

High quality. Precise. Individual.

Identification numbers ensure consistent quality
Only original with Faisst logo laser engraving
Perfection down to the last detail
Uniqueness through excellent design

Quality control & Quality assurance

Here at Faisst quality is very important to us! Continual quality checks during the production process as well as careful outgoing goods inspections ensure an equally high level of quality.

Continual improvement process

Of course we are only human and we still make mistakes. Nevertheless we always strive to achieve a zero-error quota and to constantly improve – be it in the form of product innovations, product improvements or an adaptation of the product range. Your feedback is immensely important to us, as only with your help can we discover and resolve weak spots. Our customer surveys, for example, give you the possibility to provide feedback simply and in an uncomplicated way online and in just a few clicks!