Cases by Faisst - quality "Made in Germany"

Competent advice, tailor-made solutions and custom production are the secrets to our success. Thousands of satisfied customers from all industrial and trade sectors encourage us to stay the course and strive to improve day after day. Our team of specialised skilled workers, a modern train of machines and the performance of our suppliers guarantee the outstanding quality of Faisst cases in terms of finish, material and workmanship now and in the future.

Water jet cutting

Fast, precise processing of foams and other soft materials. A high-pressure jet of wa-ter cuts geometries and shapes, for example to fabricate perfect case inserts in the shortest possible time. This method is also commonly used for large components and supports accurate cutting.

Laser cutting

This thermal cutting method is ideal for use with synthetic materials of various thick-nesses. Contactless processing means there are no mechanical impacts on the ma-terial and high-quality surfaces.


Manufacturing custom cases demands great flexibility in production. Next to conven-tional milling machines, the 5-axis processing centre is ideal for the all-round preci-sion processing of cases and inserts so that everything matches perfectly in assembly.

Scroll saw

Skilled craftsmanship and traditional processing remain standard in the modern world of case production. In sample production or development, classic processing is the ideal way to obtain a premium end product.

High speed cutting

Paper, cardboard, synthetic leather or fabrics – efficiently preparing materials is a fundamental production task. This is precisely why the NC cutting machine was de-veloped, completing tasks with the highest precision.


With our thermoforming machines we can shape all common plastics into the desired shape. The machines are designed for medium batch sizes, but we can also manufacture small series for you. Vacuum forming is used to manufacture the hard shell cases at Faisst.

Screen printing

This classic printing process is suitable for virtually all materials. Straightforward lo-gos and graphics in one or two colours can be realised at low cost. All RAL and Pan-tone colours are supported for colour rendering, and hues can be individually mixed.

Digital printing

This modern, innovative printing method leaves nothing to be desired in its applica-tion and results. From single-colour sample printing to 5-colour series printing, there are no limits with this process. For anything from the size of a postage stamp to large surfaces, digital printing opens up entirely new horizons in production and quality.

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