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Plastic case "Smart Case"

Strong look, great price - these are two convincing arguments for using the new smart-case boxes from Faisst. The chic design draws attention to your company and off ers plenty of scope for personalised graphic design.

The 8 standard sizes off er plenty of space for your products, for which we can develop and produce well-fi tting inserts. Smart-case boxes from Faisst are made from resistant ABS material. Thanks to our convenient production method, we can off er individual sizes, colours and designs even with medium purchase volumes – simply get in touch!


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Product Details

Standard sizes from 25 pieces per size.

Starting from 250 pieces we manufacture the plastic boxes in individual sizes.

Standard sizes

Interior Measurements (Length x Width x Height Bottom + Height Lid)

Height 40 mm

FV-1S40    210x130x20+20 mm
FV-2S40    240x150x20+20 mm  
FV-3S40    270x180x20+20 mm  
FV-4S40    300x220x20+20 mm  

Height 60 mm

FV-1S60    210x130x40+20 mm  
FV-2S60    240x150x40+20 mm  
FV-3S60    270x180x40+20 mm  
FV-4S60    300x220x40+20 mm  

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Individual Printing

Customized Foam Inserts