transport and presentation case for automation and engineering

Safe transport of machines and spare parts with Faisst machine cases

The transport of machines and equipment in the engineering sector is especially challenging– and it is often precisely the small machine components that have to be handeled with particular care to ensure the functioning of the whole machine. Therefore special attention must be paid on the the right transport packaging – for example with machine cases. With Faisst cases you will be sure that your machines arrive safe and sound at their destination. And best of all: our aluminium cases not only ensure a safe transport but also function as  a presentation medium for your products.


Our cases have proved their worth in automation and engineering technology due to their high quality, their long service life, and their customised fittings. For each machine component, tool or spare part we manufacture tailor-made inserts made of foam. You can choose between different strenght properties of the foam and of course between different colours to match your corporate design. Even for extraordinary dimensions of your machines and particular demanding requirements placed on the case we will develop the optimal solution.


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Machine Case Alu Light machine caseMachine case for automation and engineering sectorscustomised case insert for machines and spare parts

Machine cases made of aluminium for the automation industry and engineering sector

Our case series Alu DesignAlu LightAlu Robust and Cargo Air are particularly suitable to meet the high demands of the automation and engineering industry. The case series Cargo Air is made of    highly resistant and extra light-weight honeycomb material – maximum protection with minimum weight. The other three case series are aluminium cases with reinforced corners and profiles made of impact-proof plastic or metal – depending on the requirements the case has to meet. In addition, all cases can be equipped with integrated or clip-on trolleys that allow easy transport of heavy machine parts.

By adding inner compartments to your machine case you create additional space for the storage of promotional material and product information sheets. Doing this, your transport case turns instantly into a presentation and promotion case with all necessary documents within easy reach. Our machine cases are sure to meet all your requirements – easy and safe transport, optimum presentation and demonstration, as well as it represents an effective sales tool at customer meetings.

transport case for machines  Transport case of the cargo air seriesAlu Light machine casesTransport case of the alu light series


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Alu Light machine case
Witosa aluminium case
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