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Industrial cases

Transporting goods securely, space-saving storage or appealing customer presentations: there are many situations in the everyday course of business where a good case is in demand. So-called industrial cases are quite different from classic suitcases used for packing clothes. Industry cases are extremely rugged and also highly functional. They are often made to measure, adapted to meet individual requirements down to the details. While industrial cases are commonly used in field service, they also have applications within a business – often in a stackable version – in order to organise and securely store samples and goods.


Faisst GmbH is your specialist for the fabrication of alu cases and industrial cases in many different variations. Founded in Altensteig in 1963, the company has been offering a broad selection of cases for 50 years, ranging from presentation cases to transport cases to sample cases. Custom, made-to-measure production is the focus, allowing us to produce industrial cases tailored to the needs and requirements of the user.


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Faisst industrial cases – lasting companions in custom versions

Faisst offers industry cases in all imaginable sizes. Made of premium materials with high-quality processing, industrial cases are reliable companions in a wide variety of situations for many years. Numerous colour variations allow you to coordinate your industrial case with your corporate design or the colours of the products being stored. The interior can be customised as well: matching inserts ensure that products in the industrial case cannot move around and are protected against external influences. In the course of a presentation, the right insert creates an orderly and structured appearance that makes a good impression.

With suitable accessories, Faisst industrial cases are even more convenient: sturdy handles or casters make transportation easier while speciality locks protect against unauthorised third-party access. Personalised printing gives each industrial case an individual look with simultaneous effective advertising.

industrial case for automation and roboticsindustrial case and transport case for electronic devicesindustrial case alu designindustrial case and transport case for electronic devices


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