Hard Shell Cases

Hard shell cases, also referred to simply as hard cases, are mainly used as travel and business cases. The main feature of hard shell cases is, as the name already suggests, the hard outer wall, namely its shell. It is therefore ideally suited for travel in general, business trips and air travel, as the luggage is often exposed to heavy knocks in these circumstances. Hard shell cases are also used in the electronics sector, for example, or wherever fragile items may be easily damaged and a cost-effective solution is sought.

A distinction can generally be made with a hard shell case between cases made of aluminium and cases made of propylene or other plastics - whereby the aluminium cases are certainly more robust and stable. However, hard shell cases made of aluminium are also relatively heavy and therefore only suitable to be used as travel cases under certain conditions (due to the high cost of the luggage).

hard shell cases

Hard shell case – the alternative to the aluminium case

Hard shell cases can be a real alternative to aluminium cases, in many instances. The type of case recommended for use depends on the sector and intended use. If you travel a lot by train or plane, a hard shell case is preferable because it is less sensitive to knocks and any impacts barely leave a visible mark on the surface. Hard shell cases are also usually significantly lighter than aluminium cases, making them easier to handle. Field sales representatives travelling by car to visit customers are advised to take an aluminium case rather than a hard shell case because they offer greater visual scope and options for incorporating individual customer requirements.

Vario Case hardshell case in white, black, silver

Vario Case hardshell case made for siin

Hard shell cases in the Faisst product range

The Faisst product range currently includes two hard shell cases and a hard shell box. The smart case boxes are brand-new on the market – they take the form of an ABS plastic box which is a great value alternative to the aluminium boxes.


There is also the vario case and air line hard shell cases – two case models made from high quality ABS material. The hard shell cases in the vario case series are available in black, white and silver. This hard shell case model can also be provided in special colours, even with a medium order volume. The vario cases have been very popular with our customers since they were introduced onto the market because this case model perfectly bridges the gap between aesthetics and easy handling. The hard shell cases in the air line range are available in two standard sizes and in silver and black. These hard shell case models are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

Air Line hardshell case in white, black, silver

Air Line hardshell case with tailor made foam inserts

References - Hard shell cases

Below is an excerpt from our references for our various hard shell case models. All hard shell cases are made of sturdy ABS material and can be customized by printing on the outside of the case and with optional features such as fitting a trolley into the hard shell case or fitting the case with a customized insert.

White Vario Case hardshell case with silver profiles

Vario Case hard shell cases with silver profiles and white surface

Vario Case hard shell cases with integrated trolley

Vario Case hard shell case for Oral B with blue foam insert

White Vario Case hard case with blue surface

Vario Case hard cases with green surface

Vario Case hard cases with red foam inserts

Vario Case hard case with white surface for Panasonic