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Hard shell case "Vario Case Pro"

A new approach to proven quality.

The extremely popular and sought-after Vario Case series has captured the hearts of our customers since its launch. Based on Swabian inventive spirit combined with passionate engineering, the Vario Case represents a modern and attractive case series.

Our pursuit of continuous improvement and our aspiration to meet the special market and customer requirements provide our enhanced Vario Case with additional protection and stability through riveted protective corners and sturdy metal corner connectors on the closing profiles: the Vario Case Pro.

Foam or deep-drawn inserts can be easily integrated into the case to suit your needs and wishes. Our experts will be happy to offer you advice on suitable inserts.


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Product details

The hard shell case "Vario Case Pro" is available in seven different colours and four standard sizes. Our Vario Case Pro is available from an order quantity of 10 units. Customer-specific sizes can be realised from a purchase quantity of just 100 units.

Internal dimensions

400 x 300 mm (L x W) due to length no trolley possible
450 x 350 mm (L x W)
500 x 400 mm (L x W)
600 x 400 mm (L x W)

The design of the case height is very flexible thanks to the deep-drawn technology. The case height ranges from a minimum of 100 mm (min. 50 mm base height + min. 50 mm lid height) up to a total height of maximum 300 mm (max. 150 mm base height + max. 150 mm lid height).

Optionally, our Vario Case Pro is also available with a trolley system. Please note: When the tolleys are installed, the useful height is reduced by 65 mm.

Example: Height of case shell lower part 130 mm - 65 mm trolley results in 65 mm usable height.

Colours and surfaces

Locks, corners, hinges, handles and profiles are available in silver and black.

The hard cases are made of impact-resistant ABS with an acrylic glass surface. The reinforcements in combination with the impact-resistant plastic of the case shell are a real plus for professional daily use.

Available in silver and black, the case corners and profiles round off the design of the Vario Case Pro series and make each case truly eye-catching. A robust series of cases that will accompany you wherever you go and always leave a perfect impression.

Grip surface

Surface Shine

Further details

Reinforced corners and profile connectors

Case corner and profile colour in silver and black

Ergonomic handle

Innovative and modern wave design

Customised case inserts

Customised inserts ensure that your products cannot slip in the case and everything stays in place. You can choose from different materials. Flexible foam is perfectly cut with a state-of-the-art water jet machine.


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