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Individual case inserts and foam inserts

Individual foam inserts are ideal for protecting sensitive products from medicine, electrical engineering or measuring technology and for transporting them safely. The case insert is individually adapted to the products and thus ensures a perfect hold. Transport cases with foam inlays allow, in addition to protection, optimal product presentation. The food and cosmetics industry takes advantage of this opportunity and presents its goods in sample cases with individual foam inserts, thus ensuring a professional appearance on site. As a foam insert manufacturer, Faisst GmbH specializes primarily in foam inserts for cases and has been producing foam inserts for many decades, including tools and jewelry. Individual case inserts, case inserts made to measure and foam inserts made to measure - Faisst is your contact!

Advantages of custom-made foam inserts:

  • Perfect hold
  • Safe transportation
  • Clear presentation
  • Representative presentation

In addition to custom-made aluminum cases, Faisst also produces the right foam inserts for you. The case inserts are completely manufactured according to your needs and requirements. You can choose between different materials, colors or finishing options.

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Foam inserts for every purpose

Foam for suitcases can vary in quality, strength and content depending on the requirements. Processing technology also plays an important role in choosing the right foam insert. Rigid foam is cut by the CNC water jet cutter. Case inserts made of soft foam, on the other hand, are produced as shaped cuts. In practice, hard foam in a wide variety of colors is used most frequently. Faisst offers the case inserts made of hard foam in the colors black, white, blue and gray. As a rule, corrugated foams are applied to the case lids at Faisst, so that the inside of the case is also perfectly protected against blows or the like.

These foam variants are available at Faisst, among others:

  • Rigid foam
  • Soft foam
  • LU foam
  • Grid foam
  • Profiled foam
  • Conductive foam


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Foam inlays for cases and more

Faisst GmbH has been producing customized aluminum cases, sample cases and presentation cases and matching foam inserts since 1963. Faisst also offers additional case inserts, which are manufactured according to customer requirements. The individual foam inserts and inlays are manufactured to the highest quality standards. The foam inserts are cut perfectly using milling, sawing and water jets. In addition to the individually and custom-made case inserts, Faisst, as a manufacturer of foam inserts, offers other options to provide the inside of the case with the greatest possible benefit and an attractive appearance.

Other case inserts from Faisst:

  • Customized foam inserts
  • Vacuum formed inserts
  • Adjustable tray systems
  • Trays
  • Removable product carriers
  • Brochure compartment
  • Organizer
Profiled foam
Adjustable tray system
Vacuum formed insert
Removable product carrier

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