Demo cases

Demo cases

Gaining new customers primarily requires a convincing product offering. Yet a favourable presentation of the samples and goods also makes a major contribution, helping to achieve the desired positive effect on potential buyers. In a demonstration case, sample items or a selection of products are safely stored and presented to their best advantage.

Demo cases are used in various industries. They are especially popular in electrical engineering. Here they offer the special advantage of not only presenting products for maximum visual appeal, but also allowing their functions to be demonstrated. For example, light switches can be operated directly in the demo case so that customers and prospects see the whole picture.

Equipped with precision inserts, products stored in the demo case cannot move around and are therefore transported safely. Foam inserts in particular are used in demo cases, offering support and stability on the one hand but also flexibility and an appealing backdrop for the articles on the other hand. The samples and goods in the sales demo case reveal their full effect on location with the customer.


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demonstration case alu light with trolleydemonstration case for electronicsdemo case made for Pilz GmbHdemo case made for Bosch Rexroth


Demo cases for any application

Demonstration cases are available in a wide variety of designs and sizes today. The length, width and height of the case can be customised to the respective contents – and the interior can be precisely adapted as well. Faisst demo cases are made of premium materials with high-quality processing that is reflected in their durability and long life, attractive appearance and easy handling. The sales demo cases are available in many different colours, with a design and functionality that is adapted to the individual needs and requirements of our customers. For a personal touch, your company logo or advertising slogan can be printed on the demo case.

Demo cases are ideal for the straightforward and secure transportation of samples and goods on the one hand, and to ensure their effective visual and functional presentation on the other hand. Faisst demo cases are also suitable for storage, providing reliable protection against external influences for the respective products.

Faisst combines innovative design with high functionality: tailored to the individual needs of your company inside and out, demo cases are versatile in application and contribute to an optimum corporate image and product presentation.

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