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The compact x-press-boxes are great little helpers for internal transportation, the organisation and storage of small parts, and above all for shipping. These shipping boxes are made of indestructible polypropylene. Even highly sensitive products can be transported safely with the boxes.

The x-press-boxes are available in four sizes and a choice of four different colours. Many different versions of labelling and printing your company logo are offered. We are happy to make you an offer to meet your individual colour and custom labelling needs


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The X-press-boxes come in packing units of 250 pieces.

Standard sizes

Interior Measurements (Length x Width x Height)

Model External measurements Interior measurements
111F 124x88x17 mm 98x60x14 mm
113F 94x64x14 mm 62x31x10 mm
115F 148x110x27 mm 125x84x20 mm
116F (nur in Weiß) 145x120x22 mm 125x95x20 mm

Packaging unit (PU) = 250 pieces

Foam inserts

Perfectly fitting for standard sizes of the x-press boxes

White, 5 mm

111E for Box 111F PU 1000 pce.
113E for Box 113F PU 500 pce.
115E for Box 115F + 116F PU 1000 pce.

Black, antistatic, 6 mm

111ES for Box 111F soft PU 1000 pce.
111ES/2 for Box 111F hard PU 1000 pce.
113ES for Box 113F soft PU 500 pce.
113ES/2 for Box 113F hard PU 500 pce.
115ES for Box 115F + 116F soft PU 1000 pce.
115ES/2 for Box 115F + 116F hard PU 1000 pce.

White Foam
5 mm

Black Foam
antistatic, 6 mm

Individual inserts on request

Individual Print

We can print your express boxes with your company logo or colored motif. The Express Boxes can be printed on the outside in the 1-, 2-, 3- or 4-color.