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Customer specific foam inserts

The use of foam inserts is recommended for the safe transport and storage of goods as well as for an appealing product presentation. In most cases, individual foam inserts that are precisely tailored to the products are used.

The contours of your products are perfectly removed from the foam at the optimum height using water jet technology, so that the products can be safely transported or stored. The individually manufactured foam inserts are available in different colours.

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Foam inserts made from hard foam

In practice, the use of hard foams has proven particularly useful. The hard foam offers ideal material properties and can be used in different colours. In addition to the models shown, other colours for your individual foam inserts are available on request - talk to us!

Foam inserts made from hard foam black
Foam inserts made from hard foam grey
Foam inserts made from hard foam blue
Foam inserts made from hard foam white
Hard foam black
Hard foam grey
Hard foam blue
Hard foam white

Special foam inserts and alternative systems

Custom-made foam inserts are not recommended in all cases. If the product range is changed several times a year, for example, a compartment system or a grid foam could be more suitable for transporting the goods.

Profiled foam anthracite
Adjustable tray system
Grid foam
Conductive foam black

Removable foam inserts with carrying straps

Removable foam trays with handles

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