sample cases for window construction

Alu cases for window transport and window presentation

Products made of glass represent very high requirements regarding transport packaging. When it comes to transporting windows, particularly stable containers are needed to offer sufficient protection and safety for the sensitive products. A hard outer shell that offers targeted protection against outside effects is just as important as a good case insert to offer additional protection against jolts and impacts and prevents breakage of the sensitive glass.

Alu cases have especially proven themselves in the transport of windows – primarily if they are manufactured in high-grade quality and have a commensurate interior fitting. Faisst GmbH is the right contact partner when it comes to transport solutions for windows and their accessories – from window profiles to handles to cover strips – as well as a professional window presentation. For over years we have proven our expertise in the manufacture of aluminium cases for the window construction sector and other trades. A particular feature of our cases is the tailor-made foam inserts. Theses inserts are adjusted to the products that will be carried in the aluminium case and therefore offer perfect fiiting accuracy. 


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Alu Design - cases for window constructionAlu Light - alu casesPresentation case for window and door constructionalu case and sample case made for window industry


Cases for window construction – special cases for sensitive contents made of glass

Cases for window construction are special cases that are optimally designed for the sensitive content. To protect glass elements, Faisst has developed high-grade aluminium cases that can also meet the high requirements of the transport of sensitive products. Beyond high transport safety, Faisst's alu cases offer a stylish design that optimally shows off not only the window itself, but also its accessories and leaves a lasting impression with customers. This means that the alu cases can be used not just for the transport and presentation of windows, but also the demonstration of accessories such as profiles, couplings, cover strips and handles.

Faisst offers a broad range of case solutions – including many designs that are especially suited for window construction. Faisst also offers the option of individual customisations, so that the case can be optimally designed for window transport and presentation and for the respective product down to the last detail. Whether you need cases for small or large window construction elements – the cases can be manufactured in different sizes and colours and also be printed with the company logo on request. This makes individual solutions possible that also meet the high requirements regarding appearance and functionality.

Faisst is an expert for special cases, presentation cases, sample cases or transport cases. Based on years of experience and under high quality standards, Faisst manufactures cases that can also be used in many other fields, not just window construction.


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