Demonstration cases and special cases for solar technology

Customised cases for sensitive solar technology products

In comparison to classical transport cases, custom-tailored cases have the advantage of being perfectly customisable to the respective content and offer a perfect fit for sensitive devices and parts. Primarily when it comes to the transport of sensitive products, custom-tailored cases with fitted inserts are the first choice. Alu cases with their high robustness and durability have proven themselves optimal for reliably protecting the sensitive content against outside influences.

Custom-tailored cases are required in many fields – and in solar technology, too, cases specially designed for their content have proven optimal to transport the often sensitive solar products safely and without damaging or impairing them. An important role is played by the custom-made inserts that are precisely cut into shape to guarantee best fitting for your products. Especially for small parts the foam inserts offer optimum storage space.


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Demonstration case for solar technology with integrated solar modulesPresentation and demonstration case for Bosch Solar Energy Aluminium cases for solar technology      Alu cases for solar engineering


Alu cases for solar technology: transport and present solar products safely

As a specialist case manufacturer with many years of experience, Faisst GmbH also offers custom-tailored alu cases for solar technology to ensure a reliable and well-protected transport. The cases can also be used as demo cases for solar technology products – they ensure that the content can be presented to customers in a clear and appealing way.

For example, Faisst has already developed cases for mobile solar panels for its customers to facilitate a safe transport as well as a professional demonstration on site at the customer's location to boost sales. Both the panel itself and its accessories fit safely and firmly in the solar technology alu cases without slipping. Faisst also offers the manufacture of special cases for other solar technology products that are optimally attuned to the needs of the product and of the company.


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Aluminium cases for solar technology
Alu Design aluminium cases for solar technology
Demo case for solar technology
Bosch - Alu Robust democase for solar engineering