presentation case for medical technoligies

Cases for medical technology

Sensitive devices require particularly stable and protective packaging so they can reach their goal safely and in one piece. In medical technology in particular, transport cases are subjected to high requirements, since very sensitive devices, equipment and instruments are often transported in this field. To prevent damages and impairment, high-grade cases that are optimally designed for medical technology are recommended. Alu cases offer especially high stability and robustness and also reliably protect sensitive content against outside influences.

As an experienced case manufacturing specialist, Faisst GmbH offers transport cases that are specially designed for medical equipment and can also be used as effective presentation cases. Made of high-quality aluminium, the cases already offer high transport safety thanks to their outer shell. So that sensitive devices and instruments reach their destination well-protected, the interior is also made to a high level of quality and optimally adjusted for the respective content. Aside from the standard products, Faisst also offers individual custom-tailored products, so that a suitable transport case can be found for every medical equipment requirement.


Alu Design aluminium cases for dental technology Alu Light transport case for medical technology Alu Framecase aluminium etui for medical technology Aluminium etuis for medical and dental technology


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Faisst presentation cases: present medical devices and instruments effectively

Ergonomic packaging ensures fast assembly and disassembly of the presentation on site or a demonstration of the products directly in the case. Since Faisst alu cases have a modern and appealing design, they allow the medical devices and instruments to be presented optimally. The cases make a significant contribution to an effective demonstration to the customer.

In medical technology, you will be optimally equipped for mobile use with a transport case or presentation case by Faisst. The high quality standards for the manufacture of the cases are reflected in an attractive design as well as high functionality. The cases can be manufactured individually and thus meet all kinds of needs and requirements. Faisst also has the right solution for the safe transport and effective, professional presentation for special devices.


Alu Light aluminium case for medical technology Alu case for presentation of medical instruments Alu Briefcase for presentation of medical technology Transport case for medical technology

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