sample cases and transport cases for sanitary products

Transport cases for heating and sanitary

Individual case solutions are primarily in demand in situations where sensitive parts and devices need to be transported. In the area of heating and sanitary products, special transport cases made of aluminium also pay off. They offer a safe place for every tool and device and prevent them from sliding around in the case. The content in an alu case is well-protected against outside influences and will safely reach its destination.

In the area of heating and sanitary products, transport cases will come in handy for service technicians who can use them to carry their equipment for professional repair, maintenance and installation work. In addition, specially manufactured, custom-tailored alu cases are also useful in the area of heating and sanitary products to distribute and demonstrate high-grade products. A special feature of our transport cases is the customised insert made of foam. The insert is cut precisely cut into the required shape to offer best protection for the goods inside the case. To make the aluminium case even mor appealing you can choose between different colours and densities of the foam. 


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Presentation and Sample Case for sanitary products Alu Light sample cases for heating and sanitaryTransportation and presentation case for sanitary products Alu Design presentation cases for sanitary


Demo case for heating & sanitary products: present products in an appealing way

In the area of heating and sanitary products there are now more than just the classical tools of drill, pipe wrench or water level: highly functional, innovative devices and instruments are used in this area and make a precise and professional working method possible. Special demo cases are very useful to demonstrate the high-quality heating and sanitary products in the context of the distribution activities: the devices and working instruments can be demonstrated directly in the case and can be tested not just for their appearance, but also their functionality. A professional presentation provides an optimal basis for a successful distribution and makes a good impression at first glance.


Faisst GmbH offers presentation cases for heating and sanitary products. Individually customised, the alu cases are manufactured including inserts and can thus be optimally adjusted to the respective content. The transport and presentation cases can be manufactured in all sizes, shapes and variations and combine an elegant appearance with a high level of functionality, safety and convenience.

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Alu Light presentation case for heating and sanitary
Alu Light aluminium case for sanitary
Alu Design sample case for heating and sanitary
KeKelit - Alu Design sample case for heating sector