Aluminum cases for sports - transport cases from Faisst

Transport and presentation cases for the sports industry

The sports industry has its very special requirements for a suitcase - which differ depending on the application. If the outdoor case is to be used, at least one case is recommended whose surface is protected against splashing water and is not super sensitive. Both the aluminum cases and the hard shell cases at Faisst meet these requirements and are therefore (of course to a certain extent) suitable for outdoor sports. Our Alu Robust cases are often used in the sports industry - primarily as pure transport cases. In addition, the Alu Solid aluminum cases, especially the models CAL-6 and CAL-7, have proven their worth as jersey cases - be it for football, handball, basketball or other team sports.

In principle, all Faisst case models can be used for the field service of sporting goods manufacturers, whereby the aluminum cases from the Alu Design, Alu Light and Alu Robust series are particularly recommended, All cases for the sports sector can be provided with individual inserts and individual print motifs.

Sports cases - individual cases for sporting goods manufacturers

Individuality has always been a top priority at Faisst. Almost all of our aluminum cases are individually produced on customer request, this is also the case in the sports sector, especially when it comes to sales cases. For many sporting goods manufacturers, the individuality of the suitcase is a decisive criterion for the sales force, because in addition to complying with the CI, it is of course also important to make sales as easy and convenient as possible. All of our sports cases can be fitted with a trolley, either as an installation or as an attachment. Additional attached flat-band handles and swivel castors make it easier to transport the sporting goods for presentation to the customer on site, for example. .

Faisst is one of the few case manufacturers that can digitally print the entire outside of the case. This is also a decisive advantage for your sales force, because you will stand out with your corporate identity and strengthen your brand image. An important aspect of sports cases or aluminum cases for sporting goods manufacturers is of course also the inside of the case. With the help of custom-made foam inserts, slipping of the goods is prevented, for example. Our service team will be happy to advise you!

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