alu cases for electronical engineering

Alu cases for electrical engineering

Aluminium cases are marked not only by their appealing, stylish appearance, but also by their optimal material properties: especially during transport, the aluminium cases' high robustness and durability comes in very handy and ensures that even sensitive devices and parts reach their destination safely. In particular in electrical engineering, in which very sensitive electrical components often have to be transported, the use of alu cases will make a real difference: the robust outer shell reliably protects the sensitive content against any outside effects and thus against any damages and impairments. Whether by car or by airplane – the alu cases safely bring electrical devices and parts to their destination.


The interior of a case also contributes to transport safety: that is why it is important to not cut costs for the right equipment here either. The case interior should be designed so that it matches the respective content. Faisst GmbH offers individual customisation for both the transport case and the case interior – so that any type of electrical parts can be transported safely and well-protected.

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Presentation case for electrical engineeringDemonstration case for electrical engineeringAlu Light - democase Alu Light cases for electrical technology


Presentation cases made of aluminium: professional presentation of electrical technology

Aside from their use as transport cases, Faisst's high-quality alu cases can also be used as presentation cases. With a suitably designed interior, the electrical parts and devices are showed off effectively in the case. A long assembly / disassembly time for presentation purposes is not necessary. The products are optimally presented not just through their appearance – the functionality of the items can also be demonstrated. Used as a so-called demo case, the products can be demonstrated in their entire functionality and diversity directly in the case. This provides the customer with a comprehensive understanding of the electrical parts, while the person performing the demonstration will appreciate the easy handling in the alu cases.


Faisst GmbH is an expert for aluminium cases that can be used for safe transport as well as professional presentations. With its wide product range, Faisst takes all kinds of customer requirements into account and in particular meets the special transport requirements of electrical engineering with its sensitive electrical parts and devices.

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Prominent demo case with trolley and power connection
Alu Light demo case with power connection and trolley
Demo case for Watts France
Alu Design demo case with trolley and power connection