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Case inserts

A case is not just a case: this is particularly true for transport and presentation cases in commercial and industrial applications. This is where the details really count, ensuring that the case truly meets the individual needs and requirements for optimum integration in your day-to-day business. Not only is it important to select a visually appealing case in the proper format; the case insert also plays a major role in terms of functionality, security and comfort.

The case insert significantly enhances the practical value of the case. Foam inserts which offer support as well as flexibility are frequently used here. Case inserts made of foam are available in various grades and can be individually tailored to the respective application and products. Next to classic foam inserts, thermoformed inserts made of plastic are also available, precisely matching the shape of the products for perfectly fitting storage.


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Faisst case inserts: enhanced security and convenience with custom solutions

Since 1963, Faisst GmbH has been fabricating high-quality aluminium cases, presentation cases and custom presentation solutions that go beyond the mere production of cases. Faisst also produces case inserts according to the respective customer requirements, perfectly fitting them into the respective case. The high quality of these case inserts is reflected in their durability and the resilience of the interior configuration.

An appealing interior configuration is of particular importance for presentation cases in order to present the respective products to their best advantage. Faisst strives to meet the needs and requirements of its customers down to the details, developing solutions to meet every need. In addition to case inserts, the cases themselves can also be made to measure, individually designed and equipped with various accessories. Full-surface printing of your case is offered as well for that very personal touch.


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