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Bottle cases

In the case of bulk products such as beverages the presentation of the product is of crucial importance for the sales success. And it does not only depend on the labelling of the beverages but also on the presentation as a whole. Faisst bottle cases enable you to present effectively your beverages like wine, beer, spirits and many other fashionable beverages. We develop and produce our presentation cases for bottles precisely in line with our customers’ requirements regarding size, colour, fittings and accessories.

Our aluminium case series Alu DesignAlu StyleAlu Solid and our hardshell case series Vario Cases are particularly suitable for the presentation of beverages. Each bottle case will be equipped with tailor-made foam inserts in order to ensure safe transport and perfect presentation of the bottles. Besides the different foam inserts you can choose between different interior equipment for your case – for example additional inner compartments for the storage of product information material or different inserts for different products that can be replaced as required.

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Aluminium case for beverages - bottle casePresentation case for glassespresentation case for bottlescarton case for bottles


Beer case, wine case and many other individual bottle cases

The development and manufacturing of bottle cases not only enables you to present your beverage but also to create whole promotional kits. For example by combining your beverage with the right glasses or other accessories – a simple way to create a coherent promotional kit for trade fairs, road shows or gift articles. All bottle cases can be customized economically by adding logos or motifs using the digital printing technique.

Besides our aluminium and shell cases, also our carton cases haven proven their value for the presentation of bottles. The cases made of carton can also be individualised with tailor-made foam inserts and printed with large-scale motifs in digital process. We offer quite different bottle cases like beer cases, wine cases or many other variations. Your beverages will always be safely stored for transport and presentation – just like in an aluminium or shell case.


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Padre bottle case for Tequila
Padre - Alu Light bottle cases
Padre bottle cases with foam inserts
Alu Light presentation cases with customized foam inserts