Aluminium etui

Aluminium etuis

Faisst develops and manufactures high-quality etuis made of aluminium for different branches and a wide range of applications. The aluminium etui is characterised by its low deadweight and its convenient dimensions – as a result of this, the Faisst etuis can be stowed quickly and easily. Aluminium etuis are particularly convenient for the storage of fragile small-parts. On the one hand high-quality etuis enable goods to be safely transported and on the other hand they offer a perfect presentation platform for sales talks and the point of sale.


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Alu etui of the series Alu Briefcase Alu framecase with digital printing Aluminium etui made for Synflex Aluminium etui of the series Alu FramecaseAlu briefcase - etui made of aluminum


Faisst Framecase aluminium etui and Briefcase aluminium etui 

For decades Faisst has been developing aluminium cases and aluminium etuis. In the current assortment you will find two different aluminium etui series Alu Briefcase and Alu Framecase – at least one of these will perfectly match your requirements regarding size and interior fittings. Alu Briefcases are available in twelve different sizes and three different heights. Customized foam inserts ensure that your product will not slip out of position during presentaiton and transport. And best of all: we will print your logo or brand message on the surface of the alu etui using the digital printing technique. In this way you will sure attract the attention of your customers with your aluminium etui and of course with your products.

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Alu etui made for Merz DentalAluminium Etui made for G[hringAlu etui made for SynflexAluminium etui made for Iwis Alu Framecase - Aluminium Etui

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