Aluminium cases

Aluminium cases are used in applications across all industrial and commercial sectors.  From the presentation of goods for sales promotion purposes to the safe transportation of products, Faisst cases meet the requirements of both aspects thanks to their attractive appearance and rugged design. Secure transportation is guaranteed with cases made of aluminium or lightweight building boards thanks to robust surfaces and the outstanding protection of sturdy aluminium profiles.

Important presentation aspects include visual considerations such as printing a logo on the lid of the case, a clear arrangement of products in the case and additional storage space for information materials. With a selection of colours, surface finishes and accessories, every aluminium case can be adapted to meet individual requirements. Integrated casters, security closures and combination locks, ergonomic handles and add-on trolleys offer additional convenience and security in using the aluminium cases.

aluminium cases

Faisst - The case manufacturer for aluminum cases and sample cases

Faisst produces aluminum cases for the most diverse applications in industry and trade. An attractive appearance combined with a robust design guarantees a long service life for each case of the various series. Tailored inserts ensure that the case meets all demands in daily use. An aluminum case with a precisely fitting foam device brings even sensitive parts safely to their destination and prevents slippage during transportation. In addition, as a case manufacturer, we offer a wide range of accessories that offer additional comfort and safety in handling the cases - for example, integrated wheels, safety locks and combination locks, ergonomic handles or attached trolleys.

Aluminum cases from the aluminium case manufacturer Faisst are ideal as transport cases and special cases, as well as presentation cases or sample cases. With different colours and surfaces as well as different equipment options, such as individual inserts, each suitcase becomes a practical companion, which is adapted to customer-specific requirements down to the last detail. Optically high-quality and functionally perfected, the aluminum suitcases by Faisst with the matching insert made of foam is the right choice for all those who do not want to compromise when buying their suitcase.

Alu Design aluminium cases - Elegant. Versatile. Modern.

Alu Design - These aluminium cases are one of our bestsellers. Characteristic for the alu design cases are the special corners as well as the modern and elegant design. Here you can find more info about the alu design aluminium case series.

Alu Light aluminium cases - Classical. Functional. Attractive.

Alu Light - These aluminium cases guarantee your sales success. Characteristic for the alu light cases are the special metal corners as well as the straight and clear design. Here you can find more info about the alu light aluminium cases.

Alu Robust aluminium cases - Durable. Robust. Real.

Alu Robust- The aluminium cases of this case series convince with its robustness and durability. More characteristcs are the resistant shackle locks and the surface "Wave". Here you can find more info about the alu robust aluminium cases.

Alu Framecase Plus aluminium cases - Elegant. Technically. Rethought.

Alu Framecase Plus - The aluminium cases of the alu framecase plus series convince with its stylish and modern design and its innovative construction. Another characteristic is the corner connector, made of impact-resistant plastic .Here you can find more info about the alu framecase plus case series.

Alu Solid aluminium cases - Innovative. Trendy. Patented.

Alu Style - The aluminium cases of the alu style series convince with its stylish and modern design and its innovative construction. More characteristics are: the solid closing profiles and the rubber corners. Here you can find more info about the alu solid aluminium case series.