Aluminum cases for lighting technology - sample cases and transport cases from Faisst

Individual cases for lighting technology & show technology

Lighting technology and show technology are industries in which there are very special requirements for a case. If the case is intended for sales or field service, demo cases are often used in addition to transport cases and sample cases to demonstrate the functionality of the products directly at the customer's site. The cases at Faisst are manufactured individually in order to be able to meet the requirements for the products and the wishes of the customers. Faisst has been manufacturing special cases for lighting technology for many years. An important part of these cases are precisely fitting foam inserts, which prevent the (often sensitive) parts from slipping.

The cases for lighting and show technology are always based on an aluminum cases or hard case models, which is then adapted or personalized accordingly. The high-quality aluminum cases from Faisst are also ideal for small parts such as light switches.

Alu Briefcase - Box fo lighting technology
Alu Briefcase | Sample box for lighting technology
Alu Briefcase - Presentation box for lighting technology
Alu Briefcase | Presentation case
Alu Briefcase
Alu Briefcase | Mini case with logo printing
Alu Design - Sample case for lighting technology
Alu Design | Aluminium case for product samples

Lighting technology: Different case models from Faisst

Depending on the application, various aluminum cases, hard shell cases or aluminium boxes from Faisst are suitable for the lighting technology. Aluminum cases have proven their worth in lighting and show technology, in particular the "Alu Robust", "Alu Light" and "Alu Solid" models are used by many companies in this industry. Since the parts to be transported are often very sensitive, the installation of a foam insert is very advisable, as this ensures that the products reach their destination undamaged. If the cases are used in the field, the installation of a trolley is also recommended in order to make the journey and transportation of the goods more convenient. In the case of heavier products, the use of the Alu Robust case is advisable, since its properties allow for higher loads.

The aluminum case model "Alu Briefcase" or the plastic case "Smart Case" can also be used very well for the transport and presentation of smaller parts of lighting technology, such as switches, plugs, cables etc. The cases and their inserts can also be branded with the help of digital printing on the outside with the logo or other motif.

Alu Light case for lighting technology
Alu Light | Aluminum case with tailor-made foam insert
Alu Robust aluminum case for lighting technology
Alu Robust | Demonstration case for lighting technology