Aluminum cases - collection cases and transport cases from Faisst

Cases for manufacturers of clothing and textiles

Representative sales cases are essential for the sales force and sales of clothing and shoe manufacturers. They are the company's calling card and should leave a positive impression when visiting a customer and ideally arouse their interest in clothing, shoes, accessories or other contents of the aluminium cases and hard shell cases. In addition, the goods must, of course, arrive at their destination safely and with an attractive appearance. For this purpose, the cases for clothing and shoes are usually equipped with drawers and trays, adjustable compartment systems or foam inserts.

The sales force of numerous manufacturers of clothing, shoes and textiles works with case solutions from Faisst and presents its goods directly from the individually produced aluminum or hard case. The high-quality aluminum cases from Faisst are also suitable for accessories or smaller accessories such as wallets, insoles or belts.

Individual sales cases and presentation cases for clothing

The field service cases for the textile industry from Faisst, rather most cases from Faisst, are produced individually according to the requirements of the customers at the Birkenfeld location under the quality characteristic "Made in Germany". The case dimensions can be freely selected up to a technical maximum size so that the volume can be optimally used. Most suppliers of clothing, shoes and accessories brand the outside of the cases with the company logo, on the one hand to strengthen your corporate identity, and on the other hand, of course, to advertise with the case yourself.

The aluminum cases from the "Alu Light" and "Alu Design" series have proven themselves as presentation cases and transport cases for the clothing industry, but the cargo cases and aluminum cases from the "Alu Robust" series are also suitable for particularly heavy collections. All models can be equipped with a trolley or additional handles so that the cases can be maneuvered more comfortably. An individually adapted foam insert is often advantageous, since the insert fixes the products in the case and therefore arrives at the destination without damage.

Alu Design aluminium case
Alu Design | Representative case for textiles and accessories
Alu Light - aluminum cases for belts, scarves and clothing
Alu Light | Case with trays for clothes and accessories