Aluminium case "Alu Solid"

Looking for an economical solution for industry cases? Voilà, here it is - the case series Alu Solid. You can choose your ideal case from seven standard sizes, featuring perfectly processed handles and an attractive appearance due to colour-matched locks, edges and handles. In all sizes, you have plenty of space for individual printing on the outside and inside of the case. 

For the case inserts, you can choose between grid foam or individually tailored foam inserts. Our experts will be happy to advise you further.


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Product Details

The case series Alu Solid is available in the seven standard sizes.
Individual sizes available from a quantity of 150 pieces.
Standard sizes

Interior measurements (Length x Width x Height Bottom + Height Lid)

CAL-001   400x300x65+35 mm
CAL-002   450x350x115+35 mm
CAL-005   500x400x165+35 mm
CAL-001 400x300x65+35 mm
CAL-002 450x350x115+35 mm
CAL-003 450x350x165+35 mm
CAL-004 500x400x115+35 mm
CAL-005 500x400x165+35 mm
CAL-006 600x400x165+35 mm
CAL-007 700x400x165+35 mm

Corners and Profiles

Sizes CAL-001 to CAL-005 available in black
Case corners and profiles in silver

More Details

Grid foam available for all case sizes

Profiled foam insert

Attachable Trolley

Individual digital printing

Surface Pearl