Aluminium case "Alu Robust"

The case series Alu Robust is developed for particularly demanding applications and constant exposure to heavy loads. Alu Robust cases show reliability in daily use even with loads of up to 40 kg, and under difficult conditions. 

The available range of aluminium surfaces gives the cases an elegant appearance, professionally presenting your goods at their best. There is considerable flexibility in design due in the varied applications of logos and graphics. We are able to manufacture almost any dimension – depending on the demands of the product that will be transported and protected by the case.

Our experts are happy to advise you in finding the perfectly fitting interior design for your cases.


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Product Details

Individual sizes already from 5 items.

Colours and Surfaces

Surface wave

76121 High gloss aluminium
76203 Black

Corners and Profiles

90121 Alu Robust case corner - chrome
90122 Alu Robust profile colour - natural aluminium

More details

Digital printing
All-over designs

Printed brochure compartment

Hinged handle metal, silver

Protection strips