Aluminum cases and aluminum etuis for the acoustic industry

Custom-made cases for acoustic products

Many sensitive and fine devices and instruments are used in acoustics, which place high demands on transport. To ensure that the products reach their destination safely, a custom-made case is the ideal means of transport: The aluminum cases from Faisst are characterized by their durability and robustness. With the appropriately tailored foam inserts, a high level of safety is achieved for all products in the case, so that the acoustic products also arrive at their destination accidentally. Faisst GmbH is specialised in manufacturing customized aluminum cases and hard-shell cases and also offers case solutions in the field of acoustics, which have become established over time. Many manufacturers of hearing aids and suppliers of other acoustic products rely on the many years of know-how and expertise of our sales team.

The selection of the optimal case type - aluminum case, hard case, aluminum box, plastic box - as well as the selection of the optimal case model depends on many factors: The weight, the dimensions and the number of products to be transported are probably the most important criteria.

Our service team will be happy to advise you on the selection of the perfect case for your acoustic products.

Hearing aid cases & cases for manufacturers of acoustic products

In the past, Faisst GmbH has already developed and produced aluminum cases and hearing aid cases made of aluminum or ABS for their product presentations for many hearing aid manufacturers. Aluminum cases are often used in the acoustics industry, as they are particularly light and easy to transport, but are still perfect for product presentations. In particular, the alu briefcase aluminum box from Faisst has proven itself in the acoustic industry. The cases are particularly suitable for smaller items, as they are often used in the acoustic industry. With a manageable number of items in particular, it is often more advisable to use a box than a suitcase.

For field service, hearing aid cases with built-in or attached trolleys are also available for the collection presentation. Naturally, there is more space in a case than in a box, which is why it is advisable to use a case for hearing aids or other acoustic items, especially with a certain variety of products. The hearing aid case for the goods to be transported can of course be equipped with a foam insert just like the other cases, so that safe transport to the customer is ensured.

There are various options available for the individualization of the cases. For example, you can have the outside of the cases digitally printed with your company logo, or you can also add the company logo to the inserts. In the menu item "features" you get a more detailed insight into the different possibilities for customizing the suitcase.

Alu Framecase hearing aid case
Alu Framecase | Hearing aid aluminium case
Alu Briefcase - Box for acoustics industry
Alu Briefcase | aluminium box for acoustics industry