Aluminium Etuis

In addition to the selling skills of the sales representative, the presentation of the goods themselves is also crucial in sales consultations with customers. Delicate small parts and high-end equipment in particular must be presented to perfection in order to highlight their value. Safe stowing of the products for transportation and a low overall weight are important for the field service employee. Anyone seeking a corresponding solution has to consider the aluminium etuis from Faisst. They combine functionality and design with a claim of easy handling.

Both series are more than able to meet the requirements of Faisst customers thanks to their special characteristics. In each series, you can choose the ideal alternative for your needs from different sizes.

aluminum etuis

Alu Etuis of Alu Framecase Series from Faisst with foam inserts

Alu-Etuis of Faisst Alu Framecase Series

Alu-Etuis of Alu Briefcase Series made for Synflex

Alu-Etuis of Alu Briefcase Series made for Legionär