Alu Framecase

Premium materials and a simple design define the character of this very attractive etui series. A clever alternative for the effective storage and presentation of high-end products. Tailor-made inserts and individual logo printing are implemented according to your special requirements. 

The standard selection of six different sizes leaves no wish unfulfilled and provides the proper setting for your products.

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Product Details

Extremely robust frame construction, secure handles made of metal and of course the light weight characterise these case-series.

Standard Sizes

Interior Measurements (Length x Width x Height Bottom + Height Lid)

Height 60 mm
CFV-1F60   240x145x40+20 mm
CFV-3F60   320x230x40+20 mm
CFV-6F60   440x340x40+20 mm
CFV-7F60   500x400x40+20 mm

Height 80 mm
CFV-1F80   240x145x60+20 mm
CFV-3F80   320x230x60+20 mm
CFV-6F80   440x340x60+20 mm
CFV-7F80   500x400x60+20 mm

Height 100 mm
CFV-1F10   240x145x80+20 mm
CFV-3F10   320x230x80+20 mm
CFV-6F10   440x340x80+20 mm
CFV-7F10   500x400x80+20 mm

Please notice:
We produce our alu framecase series in Germany. The standard sizes are available from 10 items. Individual sizes are available from 25 items on request!

Corners and Profiles

99120 Alu Framecase - silver case corners
99120 Alu Framecase - silver profiles
99800 Alu Framecase - silver case corners
99120 Alu Framecase - grey profiles
99200 Alu Framecase - black case corners
99200 Alu Framecase - black profiles

Handle colours

Silber - Schwarz

More Details

Robust frame construction made of aluminium
Secure handle made of metal

Case surface printable all over in digital printing technique

Individual inserts on request

Transparent lid on request
Handles on request


Alu Framecase - Individual solutions